Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I'm sorry it's been so long since my last post -- I've been locked out of my blog :-( and have just now gotten back in

A question from a follower (thank you, dear!):

"Whenever I type 'children's' with an apostrophe to show possession, my spell check underlines it. When I click it to get the right spelling they only give the word children or other child-words.  So when there is a plural word like children and you wish to show possession like The Children's Library, are we right to add the apostrophe s or not? I'm thinking of men's club or women's society."

You are exactly right.  When s is used with any word that changes its form when plural (children, women, mice, feet) it changes to the possessive form and must be used with an apostrophe: children's, women's, and so on -- even though your spell checker may not like it!


  1. Thank you, Bliss!
    It's nice to be correct sometimes!

    Did I ever tell you I love your clock? And it's personalized too! I like the "tick-tock" and happened to be here when it gonged on the half hour.


  2. Well now I am not sure I can ever trust my spell checker ;-) which I soooooo relay on. Which makes me have a question, but I like to e-mail you about it. I do not see your e-mail. Can you e-mail me; there is a link on my blog, thanks. Clarice

    ps. your clock scared me to death, when in the middle of the night, in a dark room, I started hearing chiming and could not figure out where it came from.