Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring Snow

You may have seen the picture of my snow-covered lilacs on my niece's blog, Auntie Cake's.  My son gave me a ride in his newest car for Mother's Day, and going through the woods I was surprised by how many trees had fallen due to the weight of the snow.  We only got about four inches, but it was wet and heavy -- and gone within 24 hours.

Did you know a spring snow like that is called poor man's fertilizer?  Partly because the moisture helps things "green up," and partly because it really does add nutrients like nitrogen to the soil.  I was so pleased to hear this because...

...we're supposed to get more on Tuesday!!!


  1. Crazy that you are still getting so much snow in MAY! I love the Lilac picture-which is so telling since the lilac season is usually safe from snow! Hope you are staying warm!

  2. So funny- I had your window open while working elsewhere & westminster chimes started to ring. That clock is too funny~ I love it :)

  3. What? More on Tuesday? Man, you need to find a better place to live! Well, you won't have to water for a while! (Had to go check that I used it correctly, you do realize that you have us all paranoid about leaving comments!)

  4. Oh no more snow, that must be frustrating. Clarice

  5. We are getting a light snow today (Wed). It's melting as it hits the ground. The moisture is terrific!


  6. Oh no! & here I am being a big baby about all the rain & the win. But I am glad you won this time & not me :) 4 inches!!! I had no idea it was so much!

    Hope you had a good time cruisin' :)